Last Week we had a great debate for Free Fridays. I thought the great debate was good because it showed us how much we learnt about persuasive text. There were 2 teams the FOR and AGAINST. On the FOR team was Mia, Emma, Isabella and Thomas. And on the AGAINST team was Xavier, Andrew, Liam and Francesco. The team that Won the debate was the FOR.I Thought it was GREAT!!

My Goals!



My goal is too check my punctuation and also use more describing words. I also want to improve my handwriting so my stories can look better. Another goal is to improve my division so I can do them faster. My last goal is too improve my persuasive text and use more emotive language so the reader can go on my side of the text.

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My Holidays!

On the holidays I didn’t really do that much:( All i really did was stay at home and relax. But one thing I did was go to the movies with my cousin and family to watch the new Fast and Furious 7! I really liked the movie it was really cool! but at the end of the movie it was pretty sad because not long ago one of the actors died and his name was Paul Walker. They made a song for him called “See You Again” I thought the song was pretty sad.


Our Assembly

Hi World!

On Monday we had an Assembly. Our Assembly was about Gods Dream. Gods Dream is a book we read and it is about World Peace. I was in a group with my friends and we were doing a play about the book. I think our Assembly went really well.

School with no RULES!

Last week we were talking about The School With No RULES!
I think the school with no rules was dangerous because what would happen if they got really injured and nearly died! I think the school principal is crazy!

The video is up top!!

About me :)

Yo,My name is Jason

I have four people in my family my Dad,my Mum,my sister and me.I like to play video games on my iPad and watch some funny vids.My favourite food is pizza and my favourite fruit is mango and strawberry.I also have one pet fish and it’s name is Jack.The fish is an angel fish.A long time ago, i had two pet fish but the orange one died ;(

That is all i have to say!