Camp 2015

IMG_7455Mount Evelyn camp is where we went for school camp. We went on the first day of school which was ok but the weather was really bad.

When we got on the bus we were saying good bye to everyone and then we started to go. On the bus there was T.V and we watched Toy Story. The trip was 45 minutes.

Once we got to Mount Evelyn camp a woman named Lauren introduced us to the camp. She told us the rules and everything else about the camp.

The activities were Flying fox, Giant swing, Low ropes, Leap of faith, Damper making and circus skills. My favorite one was the Giant swing because you get pulled up to a 18 meter pole and then you pull a blue cord and you start swinging. The scariest activity was the Leap of Faith because you have to jump of an 8 meter pole.

On the last day of camp we went for a walk and went to a park. We had our lunch there and we ate burger’s for lunch. Later on we went back to the school and went back home to our comfortable houses.

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