A refugee is someone who has to leave their home/country because their lives have been threatened by war, poverty or bad treatment often because of their race, gender or beliefs.


Goals and Hopes for this Term


My goals are…

1. To improve in making my characters in my stories to be more interesting and have more descriptive words.

2.To learn about Ratios and how to times harder fractions.

3. To be more concentrated on my work.


This term is the last term for year 5 because next year I am in in year 6.For this term I want to achieve all my goals and try  harder in work and test.I hope I can achieve this

2015 School Concert!!

On the 7th of October was the school concert. The concert was called All Aboard! My classes songs were Waka Waka and La La La . When we got to school we had to practice until its home time which was at 3:30.The concert was very exciting and my favourite song from our class would have been Waka Waka because I really liked the dance moves. My favourite song from the other classes would have been New York. I really enjoyed the concert.



Grandparents Day

On Friday we had Grandparents. I wrote a 100 word challenge for my grandparents. My Grandparents My grandparents are amazing. They always let me go to the park. My grandma makes the best food! For dinner she makes me fried … Continue reading